​​​​​​​Mark Cook  Fine arts

CHASE COUNTY PARRISH  24x 48 Acrylic on canvas

­­­­Mark Cook grew up between the Rock and Mississippi rivers in Rock Island, Illinois. He thrived in this Quad City that brought together urban and rural, history and mystery.  For him, the region held the beauty of the natural world and the possibilities of heavy industry manufacturing a new one. His earliest memories involve time spent in nature and sitting on his Grandmother’s kitchen floor drawing and making things.

He received a scholarship to study Fine Art at the University of Illinois. Ultimately he chose to leave the university to train at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. After graduating he began a thirty-year career as an illustrator, designer and fine artist.

In his luminous landscapes he uses color, shape and texture to convey emotion and explore the sumptuous beauty of the ordinary. 


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